Fastest API to Create Spreadsheets

Generate Spreadsheets with this new small-footprint, high-performance server component

  • Comprehensive API supports quick creation, manipulation, conversion, and sharing of Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets
  • Supports calls from nearly any application and platform
  • Supports .NET Core 2.0, .NET Framework, Mono

GrapeCity’s Spread.Services philosophy comes down to four elements: performance, flexibility, compatibility, and a small footprint.

Fast performance

Spread.Services is built for maximum performance. Our Excel-compatible server component is lightning-fast, with configurable high-performance attributes.

Flexible themes and components

Empower users with customizable themes, configurable components, summary data, custom styles, embedded drawing objects, integrated calculation engine, and more.

Seamless Excel compatibility

Excel compatibility is seamless, including pivot tables, comments, charts, conditional formatting, data validation, formulas, shapes and pictures, sparklines, and tables.

Small footprint

Spread.Services has a small memory footprint ideal for serverless application scenarios using Azure Functions. At 3.7 MB, the assembly file size is optimized for processing large Excel documents quickly and efficiently.

Spread.Sheets Viewer

The Spread.Sheets viewer plays nicely with Spread.Services using JSON strings to let users view or edit the contents of a spreadsheet in a browser window. The viewer sends the changed spreadsheet back to Spread.Services for processing.


Spread.Services works on the server side to open or import Excel template files, send and receive the contents as JSON strings to and from the viewer, and save or export the changed spreadsheet to an Excel file.

Replace the older ExcellO component from SpreadJS with Spread.Services. Why : The old component could only load and save XLSX files. Spread.Services has an API that lets you modify the content and imprt and export XLSX files.