Wijmo JavaScript UI Controls

Built lightweight, high-performance HTML5/JavaScript apps with zero dependencies, fast

Core Controls

Deliver next-generation HTML5 applications with this collection of true JavaScript controls written in TypeScript and built for speed.


Includes built-in framework support, globalization, themes, and clipboard support


The best JavaScript data grid includes built-in sorting, formatting, pagination, and flexible data binding


Includes 50+ chart types, dozens of chart elements, interactions, and customizations


Includes autocomplete, colorpicker, date/time, masks, menus, multiselects, and more


Includes linear gauge, radial gauge, and bulletgraph


Includes checkboxes, images, customizations, and more

Specialized Extensions

Process and aggregate thousands of rows in milliseconds with no server-side dependencies


Develop a familiar, Excel-like experience with a fast, lightweight spreadsheet control


Build sophisticated financial dashboards quickly and easily with this 8-chart control

MultiRow Data Grid

Wrap grid columns to use multiple rows to represent a single record


Display fast, powerful FlexReports in an HTML5 app


Deliver enterprise-grade web apps, fast, with these best-in-breed JavaScript UI controls

Fast and lightweight

Our most popular control, FlexGrid, has a base size of under 150 KB. In addition, Wijmo controls have no dependencies.

Flexible and extensible

Our easy-to-read, flexible API has a low learning curve, and controls have a simple core with as many extensibility points as possible

Touch-first, familiar UI

Charts, grids, and other controls are all designed to be mobile-first, with familiar features and UI, including Excel-like filtering, sorting, and merging

First-class framework support

Built to be framework-agnostic, Wijmo includes full support for Angular, AngularJS,ReactJS, VueJS, and Knockout, with the same controls across frameworks

Written in TypeScript

With TypeScript, you'll get an object-oriented C# feel, design-time error checking, and complete IntelliSense in Visual Studio

True JavaScript controls

Wijmo's true JavaScript controls are written to the ECMAScript 5 standard