Active Reports

.Net Reporting Platform For Any Business Needs
Develop and deploy custom enterprise .Net reports with these complete reporting solutions.

  • Includes ad-hoc report designers for desktop and web
  • Extensive API
  • Web based report server
  • Royalty free distribution
  • Visual Studio IDE integrated report designer


Develop and design accounting, analytical, budget, risk analysis, scientific, calendar, scorecard, insurance, healthcare, clinical, stock analysis, and other business reports for your enterprise apps.

Complete set of controls and extensive API

Use tablix, charts, barcodes, data bars, spark lines, and maps to visualize data. Script your own behavior with the API using C# or Visual Basic

Customizable viewers for every platform

Embed royalty-free customizable viewers in your HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, and WinForm applications to provide interactive reports with tables of contents, thumbnails, drill downs, parameters, annotations, and more

Integrated, standalone, and web report designers

Use the Visual Studio integrated or stand-alone report designers. Embed reports to your product or publish them directly to the server. Additionally provide your end users with a customizable designer and web designer for ad-hoc reporting

Use mixed data sources

Create reusable connections and use multiple sources in a single report, or share one source across reports

Enterprise-ready report server

Host and run reports with ActiveReports Server Core. It supports multi-tenancy, load balancing, scheduling, batch printing, server based print management, browser-based administration, versioning and includes an HTML5 Report Portal so your users can access reports on any desktop or mobile device

Royalty-free distribution

Distribute reports anywhere with no additional licensing. You can also freely embed and distribute the End User Designer in your application

ActiveReports Developer
Your Compolete .NET Reporting Solution

Design, customize, publish, and view reports in your business applications

  • Data visualization and navigation controls
  • Extensive .NET API
  • Distributable viewer controls for dektop, web, and mobile

ActiveReports helps you design, customize, publish, and view data in your business applications. It has the tools to design everything from simple invoices to complex statistical data visualizations. You can even enable your end users to design reports for themselves while retaining control over their access to your application data

Complete collection of data visualization controls

ActiveReports outfits you with a toolbox packed with controls to help you create any kind of report you can imagine

Customizable viewers for every platform

Embed royalty-free, customizable viewers into your applications to give your users a table of contents, thumbnails, drilldown interactivity, parameters, and even annotations

Dynamic reports

Use property expressions to change the run-time behavior of controls in RDL and Page reports, or control Section Report behavior using fired events or even design dynamic reports entirely in code

Ad-hoc reporting for your end users

Give users the power to make the changes themselves with a fully customizable set of report designer controls

Integrated with ActiveReports Server

Create reports in the developer friendly Visual Studio integrated report designer or the End User Designer controls and publish them, along with related resources, directly to the ActiveReports Server for user access

Visual Studio Integrated Designer

Design reports in the Visual Studio IDE, with full integration into the toolbox and properties windows

ActiveReports Server
A Scalable, Flexible Report Server for Enterprise Teams
  • Responsive HTML5 Report Portal for end users
  • Web-based admin dashboard for managing server settings
  • Web designer add-on for ad-hoc reports
A Platform to Host, Secure, and Publish Reports

ActiveReports Server offers built-in load balancing, plug-and-play scalability, multi-tenant deployment, server-based print management, and Single Sign-On support. For end users, we have a responsive HTML5 Report Portal where they can schedule reports, export, and more from any touch-enabled device. For administrators, we have a responsive HTML5 Admin Dashboard where they can monitor, manage, and configure the server.


ActiveReports Server's reporting platform designed for ActiveReports provides a complete reporting module out of the box, along with building blocks that you can integrate or embed within your application

Web-based report portal

End users log in to the Report Portal with any desktop or mobile browser to view, query, schedule, and export reports. You can also give users access to server reports from your ActiveReports viewer applications.

Web-based admin dashboard

ActiveReports Server provides a responsive HTML5 dashboard for administrators to monitor, manage, and configure server settings such as permissions, reports, scheduling, and data from any computer or device.

Designer add-on

The HTML5 report designer offers a friendly UI that is comfortable for your end users, with advanced features for power users and developers. The add-on also includes a click-once designer that users can download.

Developer version integration

The developer version integrates to allow ActiveReports developers to design reports using server shared data, execute and preview the reports using server resources, and publish them directly to the server.

Extensive RESTful API

The API allows developers to pre-authenticate users, embed the Report Portal and Admin Dashboard into your web application, and implement complex features leveraging the functionality of the server.