Futureproof Your Enterprise with Cross-Platform UI Controls

Complete your toolkit with fast, flexible UI controls for JavaScript, .NET, and Xamarin. Includes:

  • ComponentOne Studios 300+ .NET UI controls
  • Wijmo's 60+ JavaScript UI controls with full framework support
  • ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin's native mobile grids, charts, and gauges
  • 2200+ images and icons

Grape Citys Ultimate Flex Philosophy comes down to four elements - speed, flexibility, familiarity, and a small footprint.


Every control is built for maximum performance. Our JavaScript, .NET and Xamarin grids and charts are lightning-fast, especially on initial load


Extensibility is built into every control and platform. We build a small core and supply extensions so you can expand only as you need to


Our readable, universal API reduces your learning curve across platforms, and we strive for parity with familiar offerings like Excel

Small footprint

We build small and allow you to extend. Wijmos FlexGrid has a base size of 113, and our WPF FlexGrid base is less than 250 KB

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise
.Net Controls for Serious Business Applications

Save your time for the big problems when you use this complete collection of award-winning performant, extensible .NET UI controls for mobile, web, and desktop

  • Includes controls for WinForms, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC, and legacy platforms
  • A server-side Web API for Image, Excel, and more
  • Specialized enterprise controls like OLAP and FinancialChart

Get your time back! ComponentOne Studio Enterprise's complete collection of .NET UI controls empowers developers to deliver professional business apps in less time.

300+ fast, extensible controls

Ban the bloat! These optimized, modular controls are incredibly lightweight, and built to be extended

Seamless Visual Studio integration

Designed for Visual Studio's ecosystem, you'll work comfortably and efficiently. Full integration with Visual Studio 2017

Universal, easy-to-read API

Using the same control in two platforms? No problem. Our universal, familiar API is based on Microsoft's API, and is unified across platforms for easy migration and short learning curves

Complete versions of 8 .NET platforms

From newbie UWP to ASP.NET Core and on back to our exclusive ActiveX collection, you'll get eight platforms of first-class .NET controls. Includes WinForms, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms, ActiveX, Silverlight, and LightSwitch

Specialized controls for enterprises

Take your enterprise apps even farther with FinancialChart, OLAP, FlexPivot, and FlexReport Designer source code

Powerful server-side Web API

Empower and extend your web apps with a server-side API that includes services for image, Excel, barcode, data engine, PDF, and reporting

Full Visual Studio 2017 and Windows 10 Support

Seamless Visual Studio 2017 integration means you won't compromise functionality for older apps, and you'll still get full support for modern operating systems